Your story IS unique...

Your very first baby steps, awkward make-up phases, high school prom, and all those college days has been captured on camera- whether you like it or not 🤷🏼‍♀️

Have the ability to showcase your most precious moments and be able to truly live through it without worrying about capturing that PERFECT angle, with the PERFECT lighting, and the PERFECT timing. I want you to live in your moment, while I'm on the sideline capturing every detail!


Feel confident that your moment will be captured on camera and turn into a keepsake forever. Be able to share your memories with your loved ones all over the world, or have your special moments for yourself.

At the end of the day, your eyes will capture all of the perfect moments as long as you're living in it.


I want you to be REAL, like, really real...

We are humans. We are not perfect yet we are expected to put off a perfect persona on social media. For what? Likes? Compliments? Aesthetics?

Wanna know a secret? Being REAL will provide a better connection with your followers.

I can help you remain authentic in any story you want to tell. In this constantly evolving world the one thing that will never change is your authentic self. So, WERK it.

Through my experience, I’ve learned the best ways to make YOU feel comfortable in front of the camera so you can put your phone down and


Do you have a wedding coming up? No worries!

I'm your girl. Let's do this thing.


To be honest,

we live in a selfish world...

All of the above is sounding SO good and you want a video of you doing SOMETHING, right?  But, you're not sure what that something IS, right? This is normal, but you must understand that you have value.

Your friends and family enjoy staying up to date on your life on social media, so update them with a video on one of your new milestones.

Want to learn more about how you have value?

Are you interested in having a personalized video catered just for you?

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